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Micon Marketing Limited

  • Micon Marketing Limited is a Distribution and Marketing Company wholly owned by the Conyers and Scott families.


  • Established in 1997 and employing over 150 people Micon is strategically located in Fernandes Industrial Centre, Trinidad West Indies.


  • Micon carries out the key functions of Distribution and Marketing on a day to day basis with focus on Food and Household, Bakery, Personal Care, Non Alcoholic Beverages, Confectionery and Tobacco.


  • Micon Marketing has general warehouse space of over 90,000 sqft in addition to specialised air conditioned and chilled space.


  • Servicing a wide network of customers Micon covers the entire market inclusive of but not limited to Supermarkets, Groceries, Whole Salers, Pharmacies, Service Stations, Moms and Pops, Restaurants, Rum Shops and Bars, Hotels, Bakeries and others.

Product Divisions

  • Beverage Division – Lucozade, Ribena, Vitamalt, Nestle, Welch’s Fruit Juices, Supligen

  • Bakery Division – Fermipan Yeast, CGA Bulk Bakery Products, Gold Seal Flour

  • Confectionery Division – Nestle, Promotion in Motion (Welch’s Fruit Snacks)

  • Food and Household Division – Unilever, Nestle, Faultless Spray Starch, Swinger Matches, Sturdy Garbage Bags, Bugmat Insecticide, Freeflow Salt, ICL

  • Tobacco Division – Philip Morris

  • Personal Care Division – Unilever, ICL

Distribution, Storage & Logistics

  • Country wide Distribution

  • Over 3,900 customers serviced 

  • All Credit Terms offered to trade

  • Cold and Chilled Warehouse space 

  • 32 Delivery vehicles

Micon Support Team

  • 9 Pre Sales Reps

  • 4 Key Account Sales Reps

  • 14 Sales vans with 4 trained and experienced supervisors

  • 24 Merchandisers with 2 Dedicated Merchandising Supervisors

  • Dedicated Brand Managers Supported by a Dedicated Brand Assistant